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Visit Planning Service Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Visit Planning

We strive to ensure that your tour is as pleasurable as possible - taking in the sights you'd ike to see, and building in the breaks, or train journeys you'd like to have. 

We are as transparent as possible with pricing, and this page outlines our planning price, followed by our detailed car and driver price, then a selection of tours with maps for you to choose from, with suggested dates. 

You can be fully assured that our drivers all speak English, are careful drivers,are fully insured, and will be working for you, and not for commission from hotels, restaurants, or tourist places along the route.

If you like, we will book your hotels for you, and we guarantee that you will never pay more for your room than the price you will pay on . This does not include offers by the hotel, which may be placed on after we have made the reservations.


Going a foreign country and making most of it can be difficult, and often the guide books, as useful as they are give only a part of the story. Checking things through before coming and asking for tips and advice from people who know the country could help you to m,ake the most of your time.

Itinerary Checking

We will discuss your itinerary with you, and make suggestions based upon your preferences.                                                                                                          



Up to 2 skype calls, 30 minutes each, and 2 emails responding to your itinerary with suggestions.

Detailed Itinerary Planning

We will discuss your preferences with you, makes suggestions based upon your preferences, and write a detailed plan for you with up to 3 revisions.                          



3 skype calls, 40 minutes each, 3 emails and revisions, with detailed final planning sheet.

Fig and Gecko Tour/s

Select a Fig and Gecko tour/s with or without alteration, add your accommodation price band, and time schedule and leave the rest to us.


£280 non-refundable Deposit

Discussion of alterations to standard tours will incur an additional charge of £40 / 3 day tour.

The non-refundable deposit, which covers our planning time and booking time on your behalf will be included in the final cost when approved by you and booked.

Detailed personal itinerary plan included.