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Our Story

Our Story

Meet the Founders

Jane, Paul, and Priyantha founded Fig and Gecko in Anuradhapura in 2016, opening the hostel as accommodation for Give A Fig Volunteering volunteers who came to work on projects in the Anuradhapura area.

In 2017, supported by local people, we founded Give A Fig, NGO to build on the amazing work of the volunteers.

Your stay and all you do with us supports the local people, growing incomes, and making rural living sustainable at a time when many rural inhabitants are leaving for Colombo, and the Middle East for work.


Meet the Staff In Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura

Thanks to you, the Fig and Gecko provides long term employment for 6 staff, and opportunities for local students who work for us because they want to improve their English, so please speak to them about the area. They’d love to help you. They’ll also teach you caram, and Sri Lankan card games. Our managers are Maya, and her husband Ruwan, who will give you great advice. Ruwan will take you on our tuk tuk tours, and often leads safaris (our best day was seeing 6 leopards, a bear, elephant, and other creatures at Wilpattu safari park). 4 of our staff are widows, who have limited opportunities for work, but they’re amazing, and we wouldn’t get such great reviews without them.


The Fig and Gecko hostel and NGO HQ is set in a 1930's colonial house, built at a time when almost every house would have been single storey, with 2 rooms, made of mud and roofed with palm fronds. The house was largely abandoned during the war, and was empty for about 20 years, but we’ve renovated the property to what it is today. We have a large wooded gardens with rare trees, which offer cool pleasant surroundings and attracts birds, bats, lizards, monkeys, tortoise, and hares.

Our property is cool, thanks to its thick walls, location in the trees, and our venturi ventilation, which means that we have no need for a/c. Along with our solar water heating, and our guest limits our impact on the planet, and offers, a much more comfortable surrounding.

You can also sleep outdoors on our balcony in the beautiful evenings.